Everything You Need to Know About the Three Components of Mindfulness

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girl meditating to practice mindfulness

You may have heard wellness experts or enthusiasts talk about the importance and benefits of being mindful. The term mindfulness gets thrown around a lot, but it is still a concept that many people don’t quite understand. Learning how to be more mindful can help you see more meaning in life and dispel frustrations as you connect more fully with your body and mind.


The first element of mindfulness is intention. Without intention, it is difficult to reach your mindfulness goals. But what is intentionality? It’s making the decision to practice mindfulness with purpose. Your mindfulness journey begins with the choice to be mindful of yourself and your circumstances. You can set your intentions daily by thinking about what you want to gain through your mindfulness, such as changing your behavior or accomplishing a particular goal. 


Once you have an intention set, you need to focus your attention on where it belongs throughout your practice. Being mindful is about making choices with awareness rather than just mindlessly reacting to the things around you. As part of your daily mindfulness activities, practice paying attention to what is going on around you and what you are feeling, but without judging yourself. Instead of immediately reacting to those stimuli, try to experience them and give them the attention that they deserve.


To be mindful, you need to cultivate the right attitude. One of the biggest struggles people have with mindfulness is that they judge themselves for how they feel and react to their environment. That judgmental attitude is not conducive to productive or effective mindfulness. Rather than judging yourself for your reactions to the world, focus on cultivating a non-judgmental attitude that can guide you towards a better understanding of yourself and the world.

Ideas for Implementation

Becoming more mindful isn’t something that will simply happen on its own. In fact, it can take some serious work to start incorporating mindfulness into your daily routine. Make it a point to start devoting even five minutes a day towards being more mindful. As you start living more mindfully, you will start to develop good habits that will encourage greater patience with yourself, no matter what you have to deal with.

Becoming more mindful is a process, but it is one that will pay off in a big way for your life. Take time to think about how you can incorporate mindfulness into your life. Then focus on building the right intention, attention, and attitude to see the benefits of your mindfulness.

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