LGBTQ+ Therapy

We are meant to aspire to greatest selves and along the way we meet people to help strengthen us along this Journey. You will be seen, heard and embraced on your path as you are discovering your true and authentic self. At Heart And Soul Wellness, we believe that we are all in our own unique journey to understand our highest selves and to become the people we were meant to be. You will be heard, seen, and supported by our team!

The historical treatment of LGBGTQ+ individuals by mental health professionals has been harmful and misguided. We are committed to providing you with a heartfelt and compassionate presence to assist you and honor where you are at on your journey. We provide services for LGBGTQ+ people who are struggling with Mental Health concerns connected to their sexual, gender, religious or spiritual identities. You will be seen, heard and receive a heartfelt compassionate presence. We are here for you!

We provide services for LGBTQ+ people who are struggling with mental health concerns connected to their sexual, gender, cultural, religious, or spiritual identities and we are here for you.

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We welcome teens ages 13-18 across the LGBTQ+ spectrum to a safe space for connection, discussion, and support. Every voice is valued. This group will offer you guidance, community, and a place in which you can be yourself. 

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