Nutrition coaching

A Healthy Life is a Balanced Life
The journey toward greater health can sometimes bring up conflicts that leave us feeling out of balance.
Discovering the balance between loving yourself just the way you are, working toward your health goals, and finding joy in the journey can seem daunting.
Let’s face it. There are times when we just need some help sorting everything out! We usually put ourselves last on the list, which is why we are not happy with where we are! We are emotional beings. The underlying emotions and beliefs we have around our bodies, the food we eat, and how we feel about eating can sabotage even our most determined efforts. This is because we are trying to force ourselves out of patterns that have been keeping us “safe” since childhood! How many diets have you tried? How many times have you said, “I’ll start on Monday.” How many times have you been determined and jumped 100% on the wagon of a healthy eating plan (and exercise), only to fall right back off that wagon?
Working with a nutrition coach, either one-on-one or in a group, can help you uncover and transform the sabotages that have kept you stuck.

Benefits of a Nutritional Coach:

ACCOUNTABILITY: This is a key metric for many people who start working one-on-one with a nutrition coach, thus learning to start trusting yourself again!

GUIDANCE: Take the guesswork out of the steps needed to reach your goals.

MONITORING: Through muscle response testing, get specific information about what your body needs, and when to switch things up in a way that honors your body.

COACHING: Rebuild a healthy relationship with food. Work with the underlying emotions and beliefs that prevent you from reaching your goals. Lose weight in a healthy, sustainable way

PERSONALIZED PLAN: I will compile all the information that makes you unique. This could include, but is not limited to your dietary history, medical history, height, age, and weight, and results from bloodwork you may have done. With this information, together we will come up with the perfect plan for you.

SUPPORT: You have a support system when you work with a nutrition coach. I am here to listen, understand, ask questions, and offer ideas. Having support makes your goals much more sustainable.

ENCOURAGEMENT: Your wins will be celebrated, and your losses or struggles will be reviewed in a judgment-free zone

Long-term habit building is the key to a successful, healthy life. With a coach, you will be able to stick to the new habits you are developing and change them into long-term habits!